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He Treats His Country Like His Family


As a Latina, one of the most special things about my family is that we listen to each other. And if there is one thing I know about President Obama, it is that he treats his country like we are part of his family.

He listens to our concerns and acts on the issues that matter to us most. President Obama has taken the initiative to address issues that the Latino community faces every day. An essential part of being part of a family is taking care of one another. He has proven that he cares about our education, creating jobs, and making healthcare affordable.

As a college student, I know President Obama believes in my future. More Latinos can afford to go to college because he doubled the amount of Pell Grants available to students.

I’m an extremely proud Latina for Obama, and I believe that there is power in numbers, power in hope, and power in unity. Join fellow Latinos and me. Let us take a stand together and re-elect our President in 2012.

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