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"He said what?"

By now, you’ve maybe heard that Mitt Romney is trying to take credit for the auto rescue. Michiganders haven’t forgotten those famous last words: “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” We asked them what they thought of his curious new stance.

Sara W., UAW Member, Sterling Heights:

“He said what? I work at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which was scheduled to close on December 10, 2010. When President Obama stepped in to rescue the industry, our plant was given a new lease on life. Demand is high now – and our summer shutdown has been canceled to keep up with production. My coworkers can now pay their bills on time and feed their families. We know that Mitt Romney had absolutely nothing to do with this!”

Pat M., Rochester

“After a long year of unemployment and struggling to keep our home, my husband was hired by a company that managed an IT project for General Motors. Two years later, he’s still there. Would that have happened if Mitt had let Detroit go bankrupt?”

Chris L., Howell

“I have put many hours into working at the Chrysler Jefferson North and Sterling Heights factories as a contractor. My colleagues and I are thankful for President Obama’s commitment to an industry that is the backbone of Michigan and much of the region.”

Take the next step and share how the auto rescue has impacted your Michigan community today.

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