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Gwendolyn: "He has been right on the mark"

"I donated to this campaign because I wanted to say thank you for the President’s second debate," explains Gwendolyn, a special education professor from Ohio.

"He did a good job of putting out the risk to women if they decided to vote for Mitt Romney. If we want women to be independent and financially secure, then they need to be able to have access to health care.

"I thank President Obama for getting us out of Iraq and for the sanity that he has brought to the country in terms of how we deal with conflict. I would shudder if we put Mitt Romney in office—and I’m not just repeating campaign lines. I said this a couple of years ago. It’s so important that President Obama stays in office.

Four years ago, Gwendolyn’s 401(k) investments were suffering from the economic downturn, and the possibility of recovering her losses was uncertain. Since the President took office, Gwendolyn has seen positive changes in her financial situation, and her faith in America has been restored.

"Like every other middle-class person in this country, I got hit hard with the recession. I lost a lot of money in my 401(k), but it’s come back. I have lots of faith in President Obama. I see him as being a very bright and capable man. I knew he would do everything in his power to rectify things. He has been right on the mark. He hasn’t disappointed me at all."

Gwendolyn knows what’s at stake for our country in this election. Join her and the 4 million others who own a part of this campaign.

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