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“He empowers everyone to have a voice”

“When I was in high school back in 1964, I spent at least 10 to 15 days in jail for protesting unfair hiring practices and unfair voting practices. Not only was I arrested, but about 500 more of my classmates were also arrested. We discovered that whatever you want, if it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for. For me, the power of the ballot—the need to vote and to have input—was the guiding principle that led me to start volunteering."

Evan believes in the power of the ballot

“Being from the South, one thing I’ve always said is that there would never be a time in my life when I would not vote—simply because of the sacrifices and hard work that have allowed me to cast a ballot. This idea has been paramount in my life. If there is ever an election, whether it’s for dogcatcher, city council, congress, or president, I always feel the need to vote.

“One of my favorite sayings is, ‘The measure of a man is not how long he lives, but how well he lives.’ This has had an impact on me throughout my life and it has led me to support the President once more this year, because he empowers everyone to have a voice. President Obama has shown by example that he has the ability to lead this country and in turn, lead the world.

“It’s important for people to become politically involved. Whether you’re working for a candidate or going to the polls to vote, in order for your choices and your opinions to be expressed, you need to be involved. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you don’t have a form to express your desires, your needs, or your choices, then you will be a voiceless person, and a voiceless people are a hopeless people.

“To me, if President Obama has had only one message, it has always been hope. Always working to make sure everyone in this nation has a voice. That’s why I’m involved here in Nevada to get the President re-elected, and that’s why I will continue to work until the last polls close on November 6th."

—Evans, Nevada

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