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“He cares about the everyday person”

Wanda is devoted to seeing President Obama get a second term. “He deserves four more years,” she says. “He cares about the everyday person. He kept the economy from tanking and he needs four more years to complete the job. The September jobs report is a positive sign and shows we’re on the right track.”

What inspired Wanda to begin donating to the campaign was a story she heard from a lady in her church congregation. “She told me she’s been sending $10 a month. It made me think about the impact that many people giving small amounts can have on a campaign, so I decided to give monthly donations.”

As a financial counselor, she’s had a first-hand view of the student loan problem this country faces. The fact that President Obama successfully fought to prevent federal student loan interest rates from doubling for more than 7 million students is a big deal to Wanda. “I’m very satisfied with how President Obama has gone about dealing with student loan debt. Just in education in general, he understands that the education of our various communities will make a difference.”

Wanda is also extremely happy with the Affordable Care Act. “My son is now able to get coverage on my plan. My father, who has been dealing with health issues, is able to continue to have health insurance. If it weren't for Obamacare, he would have hit the ceiling maximum.”

After volunteering for the campaign in 2008, Wanda decided that she would volunteer as well as donate to the 2012 campaign. “I didn’t want to look back and not have been a part of making sure President Obama wins Ohio again.”

This campaign has received over 10 million donations because of supporters like Wanda. Join today and support President Obama.

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