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Have You Submitted Your Summer Organizer Application Yet?

Applications for the Summer Organizer Program have now closed.

You’ve got only a few hours left to turn in your application for the Summer Organizer Program and tell us why you want to gain the skills to make a difference in your community.

Char, an Ohio small business owner and mom to three daughters, just found out she’s been accepted to the program and will be one of a new generation of summer organizers.

Char, Ohio, Summer Organizer 2011

Char, summer organizer 2011

“I feel like I won something…I’m overjoyed and elated to be part of the program.”

Four years ago Char saw a need in her community. She noticed that her neighborhood was changing, and not for the better. People were so busy with their own lives that they didn’t know one another anymore. The tight-knit community that looked out for one another was becoming just a cluster of houses where strangers lived.

Char knew she had to do something to keep her neighborhood a community. She didn’t know how to get started, but she believed in the power of a single voice to make a difference.

Enlisting the help of her husband, Char put her two youngest daughters in their little red wagon, and the family set out to start a conversation with their neighbors. They passed out fliers and invited people to help start a Neighborhood Blockwatch Program.

What started out as a handful of neighbors who shared Char’s concern bloomed into a program 300 strong that now extends to neighboring communities. They have partnered with the mayor’s office and police department, and increased participation in local government to make sure their neighborhood has the improvements and resources needed to keep the community thriving.

When Char embarked on this journey of creating change, she didn’t know that she would one day call herself a community organizer. She just saw a need—and knew someone had to be willing to make a difference.

If you see a need for change in your community, whether you know you’re a community organizer or not, if you recognize the power a single voice can make, then join Char this year as a summer organizer.

What are you waiting for? The deadline for applications is 11:59 p.m. ET tonight—submit your application here.

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