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Have you done your part for health reform?

Trust me, I get it. We all intend to get out and volunteer more, but sometimes life has other plans. So if you didn't get a chance to help out with the final push for health care this weekend, here's another way you can do your part.

March 31st isn't just the final day to enroll in an affordable health care plan through the marketplace in 2014. It's also a critical fundraising deadline for OFA, and every donation matters. If you've been meaning to do a little more but can't get free, you can absolutely help—will you chip in $5 or more today?

Don't feel guilty about not volunteering as much as you'd like—OFA supporters across the country have your back. And hopefully I'll see you out there soon. See how we're spreading the word:

Do your part to help out—make a donation today.
Do your part
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