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Hampton Team Gets Ready For 2012


Supporters gathered in Hampton Falls at yesterday’s house meeting with one thing in mind: getting down to business for 2012. Ed B., teacher and coach at local high school, stressed the importance of people getting involved with the Obama campaign. “There are ramifications for not working hard,” he said. “We can clearly see that with the result of last year’s midterm elections.”


Attendees discussed winning strategies, like reaching out to neighbors and friends that they normally wouldn’t talk politics with and uniting together as Democrats. Summer Organizer, Sara M., said, “Everyone is bound together. We won’t lose Obama but gain back a Democratic state legislature, and we won’t lose a Democratic state legislature but gain Obama.” Supporters are looking forward to the team training on Saturday where they will learn about the grassroots organizing essential to a victory in 2012. Charlie R. perhaps summed the meeting up best, “If we get a leg up now, we can be successful.”

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