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Growing Rural Businesses in New Hampshire

Last week in Peosta, Iowa, President Obama announced new initiatives to help get rural communities back to work. Among these are eligibility for loans to help recruit new physicians for Critical Access Hospitals (those with 25 beds or fewer), including thirteen hospitals in New Hampshire. Adding just one primary care physician to a hospital such as New London or Wolfeboro Hospitals could add an additional $1.5 million in additional revenue for these vital hospitals.

Other initiatives include doubling SBA capital to rural small businesses over the next five years. Also, Department of Labor Job Search and Training Services will be expanded to 2,800 USDA sites across the country, such as the USDA offices in Berlin and Conway.

These are just a few of the new initiatives announced by the President that will give rural America the tools needed to grow and create jobs. Will you help spread the word about these steps to get rural communities back to work? Join us for a future event in your neighborhood.

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