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Greater Together in Tucson

In 2008, President Obama won the election for many reasons. But it goes without saying that the Youth vote was more important in the last election than in any other election in modern history. We organized teams, registered voters, and most importantly, we voted. With the launch of the brand new Young Americans program, Greater Together, it is clear that we haven’t changed our minds.

University of Arizona Young American volunteers

In the past few years, Obama has taken action on things that matter to students. He repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he ended combat operations in Iraq, and he reformed student loans so that every student has a shot at a higher education. And we’ve noticed. We’re inspired.

That is why we are building campus teams across the nation. We’re getting high school students involved and making sure community college students have a voice as well. Not because it will be easy, it won’t be. But when it comes down to it, we believe in President Obama, and we need him to continue the work that he has been doing. With Greater Together, this is possible. Keep an eye out for we Young Americans over the next couple months. Because come 2012, there will be more Young Americans voting for this President than in any other election in history.

We are young, we will make a difference, and we are Greater Together.

University of Arizona students watching POTUS

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