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Greater Together In Tennessee

When I started working with students across Tennessee for the Greater Together events I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish my goal. Being a Fall Fellow in Tennessee has its challenges and I have only lived in Tennessee for six months. I spoke with students across the state asking them to join an interactive online event and was inspired when I saw them posting in the chat box. They were listening. Darreon, a student at Tennessee State University, became a leader for his campus. During the entire process, I watched a young student become confident, excited, and organized about his campus event.

One of the main reasons I decided to walk into a voting both and support President Obama during the California primary is because I knew he would inspire young voters to become involved in important issues and politics. Students from across the nation came together for Greater Together. When I followed up with Darreon after his event I learned that he registered 55 voters and collected 30 I'm IN cards at his Greater Together event at Tennessee State University. He reinforced that I’m making a good decision to support President Obama for 2012.

Check out the website -- Young Americans for Obama -- folks who were instrumental to our success in 2008, and millions more that will join us in 2012. It’s a place for young people to share their ideas and tell us what issues they care about in 2012. This campaign is stronger because of each and every voice, so get involved today – we’re greater together.

Darreon G. TSU

Darreon G. Voter Reg. at TSU

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