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Greater together in Ohio

Sophie after recruiting 74 new volunteers in just 2 hoursOhio volunteer Sophie shows off the 74 new volunteer signups she gathered in just two hours.

"I am a dedicated volunteer for President Obama's campaign because of all that he has done for America in education, civil rights, the economy, the environment, women's rights, and much more. Obama has led us through over two years of job growth and job creation, he has helped LGBT members of the military see the day where they can serve as the proud Americans they are, he has dramatically increased student financial aid (which is the entire reason I am in college right now), he has made it easier for women in the workplace to fight for their rightful equity with men, and has set us on a path to a much more self-sufficient America in terms of energy.

"I devote every minute I have to this campaign because I am a woman and I need health care that doesn't punish me for that. I am taking a semester off of school to work for this campaign because I believe that higher education is crucial to our society and that everyone who wants one should be able to have one. President Obama has been leading America in the right direction—the direction of progress—and it is our responsibility to help him. We are greater together!"

Sophie, Ohio

Attend the Ohio rally

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