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Great Change Grows Out of the Smallest of Acts

5th Ward Community Carnival photo

Great change has always grown out of seemingly modest acts. Whether it’s a neighbor talking to a neighbor, or a friend talking to a friend, these personal conversations are the foundation upon which great change is built. In St. Louis, we are continuing to build that foundation for the President’s 2012 campaign. On Saturday, a group of dedicated volunteers organized and led a voter registration and “I’m In” drive at the 5th Ward Community Carnival. With volunteers at the table and canvassing the crowd, we were able to collect hundreds of “I’m In” cards and register the next generation of voters on a beautiful summer afternoon.

After the event, volunteer Carnell J, who used multiple clipboards to keep up with the crowd, reflected on what brought him out that day, “As an individual who grew up in the ‘Jim Crow Segregated South’ in Mississippi, I find it a blessing and an opportunity of a life time to be able to share in the democratic process for which so many gave their lives. I do not take what I can do to make a difference lightly.”

With this unwavering passion and sense of purpose, we will continue to build the foundation for progress day-by-day, person-by-person.

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