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Grassroots Planning Session Tills the Soil in Tuscola County

Tuscola County — Obama 2012 is hitting the ground, reaching out to Michiganders across the state and getting them engaged in building this movement from the bottom up. A major part of this strategy is getting feedback and input on how to build this movement community by community and we’re continuing that process through our Grassroots Planning Sessions. These in-depth and interactive sessions involve outreach to local leaders and volunteers, rolling out the campaign’s blueprint for the next few months and brainstorming the best and most practical ways to apply the game plan to each community.

Tuscola County 2

We were happy to do one of our first sessions in Tuscola County. A rural county at the base of Michigan’s ‘thumb’, Tuscola County is a swing county with a strong farming tradition. Building our movement here will look different that building the movement in Detroit, or Grand Rapids, or Flint. Attendees not only got to hear about different programs to reach out to community members, they gave us great feedback on how to tailor these efforts to their county.

Tuscola County

A recent transplant from metro Detroit, Zyggy D., said it was important to stress what the President’s policies have done for the area’s small businesses. In the small towns and farming communities, this type of local validation will be a crucial part of the campaign narrative.

The chair of the local Democratic Party John H. said he was happy to participate in the GPS. “It’s important that everyone is on the same page.”

Warren T. is excited to get started. “We have to talk about what the President has done to help promote wind power.”

With a strong record of helping local farmers and small businesses, Tuscola County volunteers have a great story to share and a great foundation to build on. Grassroots Planning Sessions are happening through the month of July and coming to a community near you! Interested? Explore our website to find the events coming up near you and be on the lookout for an invitation to a local planning session in your inbox.

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