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Organizing for Action was built on the belief that ordinary people have the power to change our country. And so far, I'm proud to announce that more than 355,000 Americans have taken ownership of this movement by making a grassroots donation—with an average contribution under $59.

In just the last three months, more than 167,000 people have chipped in. One person at a time, OFA raised more than $7.7 million since July. That's remarkable.

That support has allowed this organization to do some amazing things—OFA volunteers have organized thousands of grassroots events across the country this year, and more than 4 million Americans have taken action. We are making our voices heard, and changing the debate in Washington on the issues that matter. See it for yourself.

To everyone who is helping build this, thank you.

OFA is proud to be a grassroots-funded organization. Continuing our tradition of being an open and transparent organization, we are voluntarily disclosing all contributors who have given $250 or more from January through September 2013.

Together, we're working to ensure the voices of ordinary Americans are heard in Washington, helping advance the agenda Americans voted for in 2012. That work has never been more important than it is right now.

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