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Grassroots leader spreads the word of Obama 2012 at a Town Hall and Resource Fair in Pontiac

Part of spreading the importance of being IN for Obama 2012 is making sure that we’re reaching out to people in many different ways. Through calls to our neighbors, conversations with friends and family, and connection with neighbors at community events, we are building the Michigan foundation for the campaign conversation by conversation.

K Williams at Pontiac Fair

Folks in Pontiac and surrounding communities got together this past Monday for the TPN Resource Fair and Town Hall meeting. There were many elected officials in attendance, including several county commissioners, city council members, the mayor of Pontiac, and the county sheriff. In addition, groups such as Habitat for Humanity and area charities and mentoring groups set up information tables.

Makayla at Pontiac Fair

Grassroots leaders and supporters of Obama 2012 shared a table with the Oakland County Democratic Party. Not only did we ask people to be IN for Obama 2012, we registered voter too! So many said they had volunteered for President Obama in ’08 and were ready to give their time for 2012.

Terry B at Pontiac Fair

Said Pearlie D. of Pontiac, “If we don’t get Democrats elected in the House and Senate, how is President Obama supposed to get anything done? We have to help.”

Pearlie and others learned about the ways Obama 2012 is growing strong, well-trained grassroots teams in their own neighborhoods, to get out the word about President Obama’s accomplishments and what they can do to ensure he and his Democratic allies win in 2012.

Would you like to become a part of this movement? Contact Melissa Bernardi in Oakland County 586.764.3344 or at [email protected]

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