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Grassroots fundraising: Bike for Obama

Ellery“I knew that I couldn’t be on the sidelines for this election,” Ellery Althaus remembers. “It was time to get involved.”

To Ellery, getting involved meant starting a grassroots fundraising project called “Bike for Obama.” For the last six and a half months, Ellery has been riding around the country on his bicycle, volunteering and fundraising for the Obama campaign.

“So far I’ve visited 33 states, made thousands of phone calls, knocked on hundreds of doors, and raised more money than I could have ever contributed myself. My grassroots fundraising page has allowed me to have a way for people who follow my trip to donate directly and immediately to the campaign, even if I am thousands of miles away.”

The goal for Bike for Obama was an eight-month, 9,000-mile bike ride to each of the lower 48 states in support of President Obama’s 2012 campaign. The plan changed, however, when Ellery had to have an emergency appendectomy in Oregon that forced him to take a three-week break. After his recovery, he decided he needed to spend more time in the crucial battleground states where the races are closely contested.

“I’m in Racine, Wisconsin, now, just canvassing and making calls. I just spent three weeks in Iowa and the plan is to spend the next couple weeks in Michigan and Ohio. I’m really just doing any and everything possible to help the campaign.”

Ellery turned his passion into a way to help President Obama win. Today, more than 3.1 million people have donated to the campaign—with grassroots fundraisers like Ellery playing an important role.

Start your own grassroots fundraising page today.

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