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Granite Staters welcome back President Obama

"Here’s the thing, New Hampshire, it’s now up to you. It’s your choice. It’s up to the young people who are here to choose a future that is worthy of all your dreams. It’s up to the not-so-young people here, including me -- I’m included in that category -- to make sure we’re leaving the kind of America we want for future generations." – President Barack Obama, Nashua NH

Catherine and Beverly are local teachers who have been active volunteers.

"I'm from right here in Nashua. I actually canvass in this neighborhood! I hope President Obama inspires more people to get out and knock on some doors with us this weekend."

"I teach elementary school and when I look at my students, I remember how important this election is for them. Their generation is our future. I'm so happy to see all these young children here today to see him speak!"

Larry brought three generations of his family along to see the President.

"The younger generation needs to keep driving this country forward. We've made so much progress, we can't turn back now. When I think about this election, I know my grandkid's futures are on the line and that's why its so important to keep President Obama in office."

Kayla came to hear from the President with her mom Sam:

"I'm not old enough to vote for President Obama, but I voted for him on nickeldeon online because I love him!"

Hazel and Nelly are sisters who were very proud to support President Obama.

"This is my favorite book. It's about Barack Obama. He's my President!"

"Forget princess, I want to be the President when I grow up!"

Nashua native Evelyn brought her 10 year old son, Gabriel yesterday.

"As a Navy vet, an educator, a Latino woman and a mother - there are so many reasons for me to be out volunteering. I can't vote against my own interests. The stakes haven't ever been higher for myself and my son. I've brought him to see President Obama to show him the political process. He must know why it's important to have a voice."


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