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Granite State students come out in force for voter registration drives

New Hampshire voter registration works a little differently than in most other places, so when election officials come to campus to register students, it's a big deal. There were three voter registration drives across campuses here this past week though, and it was amazing to see students line up to get registered to vote.

We know New Hampshire students are fired up to re-elect this President–we've felt the enthusiasm as student leaders went into high gear organizing their campuses this semester. Seeing so many students line up–rain or shine–to get registered really drives the point home that young people are going to make sure their voices are heard in this election.

At Dartmouth College, students waited over half an hour to register outside the student center, with volunteers happily delivering hamburgers and dessert to eager future voters.

Volunteers from Keene State College helped spread the word about the registration drive on their campus by keeping watch outside the bookstore, dining hall, and classrooms, catching any unregistered voters and personally bringing them to the registration drive.

At the University of New Hampshire, the pouring rain didn't discourage the Wildcats for Obama team from standing outside the dining hall and making sure students knew they could register at school. All the team members agree - while their posters turned to pulp and marker washed off onto their hands and clothes, registering students was totally worth it.

New Hampshire will be one of the closest states this November, with the outcome potentially coming down to just a few votes one way or another. Students at colleges and universities across the state know that President Obama's got their back and they've got his by registering and voting here in New Hampshire. Say you're in and commit to vote today!


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