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Granite State Story #48: Meredith Bohn

50 daysMeredith_Bohn

We want to tell you about Meredith Bohn today--she's a breast cancer survivor, an Army veteran and a business owner in Hollis, and she's a passionate supporter of the President's re-election. When she introduced the First Lady at Southern New Hampshire University recently, she explained why:

“I own a small business in Hollis. I’ve worked in New Hampshire for more than 28 years and the last nine months have been some of the busiest I’ve ever experienced. For small businesses like mine, President Obama expanded lending and cut taxes, including for those who hire unemployed veterans and wounded warriors, which deeply affects me."

“I served in the Army for six years and my father served in the military for 27 years, fighting in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. So I know first-hand that the service and sacrifice of our nation’s military families. And for our veterans and military families, President Obama expanded and improved the Post-9/11 GI Bill and helped those returning from war to find good jobs”

“From the changes I’ve seen over these past four years as small business owner, veteran, and breast cancer survivor I know that President Obama is working to move our country forward. That’s why I’m volunteering for the campaign in my neighborhood. If each of us can ask just one more person to join the campaign, we can build momentum that can put us over the top in November.”

We have less than 50 days before the election and if you agree with Meredith and want to see our country move forward then say ‘you’re in’ and join supporters in your neighborhood today.

I'm in

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