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“Grandma Spends A Lot of Time at the ‘Obama Office’"

Patricia entering data

Patricia P., whose family has roots in New Orleans dating back to the 1800s, is a summer organizer and a grandmother. Like any other grandparent, she just wants to spend quality time with her grandchildren, Jamiah and Patrick. Some grandparents show this by baking cookies with them, and others will take them to the zoo.

While the aforementioned activities are time-tested and excellent ways to spend time with your grandkids, Patricia takes it a step further by bringing them to the 2012 campaign field office, where she dedicates full-time hours to a cause that she believes is imperative to winning the future for the nation and for her grandchildren.

Jamiah and Patrick enjoy spending time with their grandmother at the office as she organizes her team and recruits volunteers. Patricia's involvement with OFA has definitely rubbed off onto Jamiah, who said that she was going "to vote for Obama next year," despite having not reached kindergarten yet, and whose artistic ‘I'm In’ drawings decorate the office walls.

Patrick, Patricia's other grandchild, has given Patricia's workplace a special nickname, saying that his grandmother "spends a lot of time at the Obama Office."

Patricia, in part, knows that by teaching her grandchildren the importance of civic duty, she is doing her part for her family and her country.

Winning the future and spending quality time with her grandchildren; summer organizing at its best. See the other pics here.

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