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Grand Rapids Organizers Use Conference Call with President Obama to Drive Their First Week

Grand Rapids — Summer organizers are starting strong with a successful first week of organizing! In Grand Rapids the organizers have been in close contact, planning phone banks and canvassing events. Just this week each of the five organizers made over 700 calls to potential volunteers. Among those calls, many supporters will soon be sitting down to speak one on one with our local organizers.

Grassroots efforts are key to a successful campaign, in which the President has extensive knowledge and experience. Giving advice and words of encouragement to summer organizers, President Obama thrilled everyone and joined the Summer Organizer Program Kick-Off call. . Organizers were excited about hearing personally from the President and the cause they would be supporting. President Obama wanted each organizer to know the importance of grassroots efforts and his or her personal success with phone banking thus far.

“After being on the conference call with the President, I feel that however many people don’t answer, it won’t slow me down. Now I recognize more so than ever, that I am doing something bigger than myself,” said Kali S.

She was then able to take a break and pitch volunteering with OFA to the Kent County Democratic party. Alex N. was surprised at how friendly and supportive the people on the line were. He quickly developed a variation of the message that concisely describes how OFA was the backbone of President Obama’s campaign in 2008.

For the Grand Rapids organizers, this was a successful first week, in which we will only become more efficient. Between conferencing with President Obama and experiencing grassroots first hand, organizers are off to a great start!

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