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Grand Rapids Keeping the Grassroots Growing for Obama 2012 Call by Call

On Thursday, the Great Lakes State of Michigan became a virtual sea of red as Detroit faced off against San Jose in a gripping “Game 7” hockey playoff. But in one small corner of Grand Rapids, a group of local volunteers could think of nothing better than turning Michigan blue.

Pat Hinton Calling

Kent County’s grassroots leaders reached out to hundreds of their neighbors to begin building for Obama 2012. As part of the “I’M IN” campaign, Thursday night’s volunteers reached out to supporters from 2008, the fight for health insurance reform in 2009 and Vote2010 to find out who was ready to support the Democratic ticket and begin the early organizing work that will be critical for victory in President Obama’s re-election effort. For Community Organizer Gail C., there is no alternative than another four years.

Another contribution to Thursday’s event came in the form of the location, itself. The phone bank was hosted by Fred D., whose northeast home has become a hub for volunteer activity. In just two events, volunteers at Fred’s house have called over 600 people. With plenty of couch-, desk- and work-space, Fred’s home makes it easier for volunteers to stay until the lists are done. “I love this place,” Community Organizer Pat H. said. “It’s very comfortable.”

Whether it’s participating in, leading or hosting an event, every effort from an Organizing for America volunteer is valued. With each contribution, the fight to protect our progress only grows stronger. If you can lend your voice, your time or even your home in the drive to move America forward, call 517-515-9154! What you can give may turn out to be the margin of victory!

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