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Grand Rapids Grassroots Get Ready to Grow for Obama 2012

Grand Rapids — In 2008, then-Senator Obama became the first Democratic Presidential Nominee to carry Michigan’s Kent County since President Johnson in 1964. Repeating that success takes time, and will be built brick by brick. In Grand Rapids, it’s taken as a challenge.

Pat Miles 2
Pat Miles speaks to the crowd.

“I want to help get the information about our achievements out!” volunteer Mary Jane P. said.

More than 40 supporters gathered at the Kent-Ionia Labor Council on Saturday to hear from Congressional District Chair Elizabeth Lykins, State Party Chair Mark Brewer and Attorney Pat Miles, Jr., and to begin laying the groundwork for November 2012. Volunteers brainstormed on what resources the campaign could utilize, what information the campaign could distribute, and what communities needed more outreach in order to meet the historic benchmark established just two-and-a-half years ago. The buy-in from the attendees was immediate.

Crowd 1
Attendees learn the importance of the neighborhood team.

“I took away the energy and urgency to make person-to-person contacts starting now!” volunteer Gert H. said.

During the afternoon, supporters learned the four phases of the effort ahead. From the first declarations of who is “IN” and willing to help to the final votes on election night, the picture came into focus of how every effort people give now brings victory even closer next year.

A critical part of that victory is the growth and success of Neighborhood Volunteer Team. Attendees also saw the results of how first teaching volunteers to organize, and then having volunteers teach others can lead to exponential growth in the number of voters contacted.

It’s that neighbor-to-neighbor contact that makes the ultimate difference in a campaign. It’s the difference provided by each new person willing to sign up. If you can be that new leader in your neighborhood, call 517-515-9154! Protecting our progress begins with you!

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