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Grand Opening


This election is heating up all over the country, and the organization we're putting together in California will make a big difference this November.

Whether you're just starting to get involved in this organization or you've been pounding the pavement to talk to voters for months, now is the perfect time to meet up with other supporters and help celebrate the opening of our brand-new office in Los Angeles.

We'll also kick off the night with a screening of Davis Guggenheim's new film, The Road We've Traveled, about the challenges and accomplishments of President Obama's first term. You won't want to miss this inspirational launch for our office.

Come out on Thursday and help build this office from the start.

We won't work you too hard on Thursday -- there's plenty of hard work to do in the months ahead. We'll relax with some food and drinks, and chat about the issues that matter most here in California, like affordable health care and support for the middle class.

This office in Los Angeles will be your local hub for building our base of volunteers, connecting with undecided voters, and making sure we secure the 270 electoral votes we need for a win on November 6th. Our state has the power to make a real impact in this election for Democrats up and down the ticket -- but it won't happen unless we get our organizing off the ground in California now.

It's time to prepare for the tough fight ahead -- so don't miss the office kickoff in Los Angeles on Thursday.

See you out there.

Mary Jane

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