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Graduate Student Found Time To Be A Fall Fellow

My experience as a Fall Fellow in Tucson was challenging, but also very rewarding. I worked with community members and other Fellows to organize teams for the President. Our teams reached out to people all over the city and made phone calls, knocked doors, held team meetings and house parties, and registered new voters. The most difficult part of my Fellowship was also the most rewarding: learning how to manage and motivate people. This is a skill that I will be able to take to every single new job in the future, and one that I could not have learned in the classroom. Because of this experience, I have learned to successfully balance multiple duties and switch easily from one role to another throughout the day.

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During my Fellowship I met many interesting and committed individuals. My colleagues in particular were enjoyable and inspirational people to work with, and meeting new volunteers provided me with community connections I wouldn't have made otherwise. It was rewarding to develop people from volunteers into Team Leaders and to watch their growth as they took on new responsibilities. I often hear supporters-not-yet-turned-volunteers say that they are too busy to get involved, but I know personally that if I found the time during my final semester of graduate school, between being a club president and finishing my internship, writing my thesis and doing homework, applying to PhD programs and teaching an undergraduate class- everyone has the time to help our President. Get involved, and help us turn Arizona Blue, apply for a Spring Fellowship!

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