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Grace: “I've never been to something like this before”

GraceGrace, a case manager from Miami, had never been to a convention before—but just a couple weeks ago, she found out she was headed to Charlotte as a guest of the campaign. One of the winners of the “Front Row with Barack and Michelle” contest, Grace hit the ground running in her convention experience last night:

"We got a sneak peek of the convention. We got to go to the arena, where we checked out the podium and just tried to take everything in—the reality of it. It was an awesome experience.

"We're going to a special campaign briefing this morning, and later tonight, we'll start the festivities. I don't really know what to expect! The First Lady will speak tonight, and we're very much looking forward to that!

"I've never been to something like this before. I always see it on TV, but to actually be there hearing what people have to say is amazing. It's so great to see everyone's support and pride for President Obama, and to know that we all want to see him continue in a second term is just overwhelming. It's good to be in one place with so many people who all agree and know that we want the same things for America."

Stay tuned for more updates from supporters at the convention.

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