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Grace: “It was awe-inspiring”

First Lady Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention

As she headed home from the First Lady's speech late last night, Grace, one of the Front Row with Barack and Michelle winners, gave an update on her evening at the convention:

"Each speech was more inspiring than the next. Of course it was wonderful to hear from Julián Castro. Then we heard from a mother of five—four of her children are serving our country, and that was just like 'wow.'

"Then Michelle Obama took the stage and was just awe-inspiring. She’s the First Lady, but she’s so relatable. Her daughters are her priority, and my daughter, Caitlin, is mine. It was awesome to hear her speak about that and see that we have that in common—it's a strong bond. I know what she’s going through, and I know she and the President will make our country better as he continues to work for the American people. So I completely am backing them up the way they would back me up.

"We had an amazing day. It was awe-inspiring, and we cannot wait until tomorrow."

Check back for more updates from the convention floor.

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