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GPS Indy: Local Planning, International Perspective

On Saturday, we held our first Grassroots Planning Session (GPS) in the Indianapolis area. Eager volunteers filled every seat in the meeting room and outlined their vision for 2012. And their vision is no walk in the park! The goals that our volunteers want to accomplish will require a lot of hard work, determination, and countless phone calls in the coming months, but they are fired up and ready to go! We can’t wait to send their ideas to Jim Messina!

Mapping out their vision for 2012

Those in attendance also heard how important the work they will undertake for the next 17 months is from an international perspective. Mal A., a community organizer in Washington Township, brought his parents, John and Viopapa, to Saturday’s GPS. They are visiting from Samoa, an island in the Pacific Ocean, and emphasized the worldwide importance of this American Presidential election.

Mal A. and his parents

“Because of the United States’ influence in world politics, the leader you elect is of worldwide importance. Barack Obama understands that the U.S. is not isolated from the world and that we must work to understand each other because our issues are all connected. The world needs Barack Obama’s leadership qualities, intelligence, and values in these times. He is not just the American President, but a statesman for the entire world,” John said.

“Barack Obama really, really needs to be elected to make the entire world a better place,” Viopapa said. “We cannot vote, but we are still concerned. We need you to elect Barack Obama for us.”

John and Viopapa showed volunteers the importance of their work and how organizing in Indianapolis can impact people across the globe. Want to help elect Barack Obama in 2012 for those like John and Viopapa who cannot vote for him themselves? Sign up here:

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