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Governor Strickland tours New Hampshire businesses

Former Governor Stickland of Ohio spent Monday and Tuesday traveling across the state as a part of the "Made in America" business tour. From Milford to Somersworth Governor Strickland met with local business owners and employees to speak about how the President is fighting for business owners here in New Hampshire:

"I'm here because I support the re-election of President Obama and all the good things he's done for businesses and manufacturers”

Governor Strickland knows how important New Hampshire and is reminding people of what Romney has done:

"He's made his personal wealth by investing in companies and driving them into bankruptcy. He's chosen to export jobs to other countries; Romney's an outsourcer.”

President Obama will make the investments we need to restore security for the middle class and to create lasting recovery. President Obama took swift action to get small businesses hiring again, with 18 different small business tax cuts.

While Republicans opposed all these measures. Romney's plan to grow the economy is just more of the same policies that sent us into the recession: massive tax breaks for corporations and millionaires and letting Wall Street write their own rules. Join our business owners for Obama"

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