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Governor Malloy reminds seniors what's at stake this November


Yesterday, Governor Dan Malloy of Connecticut visited the Granite State to talk about just how much is at stake in this election. His first stop was here in Manchester, where he walked a packed room through the Romney-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it:

“Romney has proposed ending Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that a similar plan would cost seniors an additional $6,350 a year. Romney has criticized the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, and cut prescription drug benefits as Governor of Massachusetts.”

He highlighted the difference between the disastrous Romney-Ryan policy, and the President's plan to continue to be a responsible steward of the program that 220,000 seniors rely on here in New Hampshire alone:

“America’s seniors have earned their Medicare and Social Security through a lifetime of hard work and responsibility. For decades, American workers contribute some of their hard-­‐earned wages in exchange for the promise of a secure retirement. President Obama strongly opposes efforts to turn these programs over to the stock market or turn them into vouchers.”

This election will decide whether or not we continue to invest in a the health of our seniors, or if we're just going to leave them at the mercy of the stock market. If you think Medicare is too important to give up, stand with President by joining Seniors for Obama right now.

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