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Governor Christine Gregoire visits Phoenix, launches initiative

Monday afternoon, Organizing For America Arizona welcomed Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire to Phoenix as she officially launched our LGBT For Obama initiative and hosted our Women For Obama phone bank!

With more than 60 supporters at each event, the governor spoke about the importance of equality and how her family helped guide her moral compass of what is right for the people of her state. As the second female governor of Washington State, Gregoire said she faced challenges immediately after taking office.

She told both crowds about her decision to sign the bill granting same-sex domestic partnership rights for Washington citizens was an easy one, and the fight for civil liberties for the LBGT community is necessary.

Although this topic was received by applause and enthusiasm from supporters in the crowd, the historic law she signed was not the focus of her visit to Phoenix.

Since taking office, President Obama has worked to make certain that all Americans are treated fairly under the law. From signing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell, he has directly impacted the lives of Arizonans – and that is something the governor said voters won't forget.

The President believes LGBT Americans should have the same opportunities as everyone else and has appointed more openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to positions in the Federal government than any other administration. He believes that women should have an even playing field in the work force and has appointed two female justices to the Supreme Court. When so many in this state are directly benefitting from President Obama's accomplishments, Governor Gregoire said it is hard to believe that they would vote for any other candidate in this election.

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