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One step closer to a government shutdown

On Saturday night a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives continued on a path toward a shutdown of the federal government, unless their demand to delay Obamacare by a year is met. A shutdown would damage the American economy and cost the American people billions, all over a legislative battle that was settled three years ago.

President Obama said Friday that using budget negotiations to extort concessions on laws that a group of lawmakers disagrees with is unheard of. A group of Republicans is so dead-set on derailing Obamacare that they voted on an irresponsible budget resolution they know has no chance of passing, leaving no clear path forward before the Monday night deadline to pass a budget. In essence, they voted to shut down the government.

On top of that, a group of Republicans in the House, including Speaker Boehner, attached a "conscience clause" to the bill that would allow employers to bypass the Affordable Care Act and deny their employees access to free contraceptive coverage. Think about that: They want to give employers the power to decide what kind of health care their employees can receive.

Here's what this group of Republicans is prepared to sacrifice to force through their agenda. A lengthy government shutdown could:

  • Delay benefits for veterans

  • Slow down the arrival of Social Security payments for recipients who often live check to check, and disrupt the processing of new claims

  • Freeze federal loans for rural communities, small business owners, and families buying a home

  • Cost the American taxpayers billions
The clock is ticking. The House could end this standoff with an up-or-down vote on a clean continuing resolution, but instead they're playing games with the American economy and Americans' health care. If you're appalled by the weekend's developments, tell the House to knock it off and pass a real budget. Tell them you've had enough already.

Tell Congress: Enough Already
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