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GOTV: Day 2

Volunteers across Michigan were back out in the field for the second day of get out the vote (GOTV), energized by the great results of the day before.

Rachel of West Bloomfield says the Farmington Hills phone bank location was so busy they ran out of chairs.

“We passed out clipboards and volunteers made calls standing up.”

The enthusiasm must be infectious, because on day two volunteers like Samantha of Grosse Pointe Park came out to canvass for the first time ever.

“I want Barack Obama to be President again. He’s doing a really good job, especially when it comes to equal rights and health care.”

Her canvass partner, Cheryl, an experienced volunteer and OB/GYN, agrees. That’s why she worked another GOTV shift after a full day’s work.

“We need to stay on track with health care for everyone and protecting women’s rights. I believe President Obama will win re-election — but everyone has to vote. That’s why we need to be out there reminding them this is no time to be complacent.”

Felix, a Detroit staging location director, is a firm believer in the power of people talking to people.

“Even if you can only put in an hour, you’re helping to energize the people of your community.”

The momentum to get out the vote won’t stop until the polls close Tuesday night. Join your neighbors and pick up a shift or two.


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