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Good news on student loans

Good news: Student loan rates aren't going up—at least not this year.

Last week, the Senate came to an agreement to prevent interest rates on federal student loans from doubling this year, narrowly avoiding a July 1st deadline.

This is great news, and it happened because people like you across the country stood with President Obama, and called on Congress to take action to keep interest rates low for students.

But this issue is far from settled—Congress only agreed to a temporary one-year fix, meaning that many students can't be sure their federal student loan interest rate won't double next year.

President Obama has made stopping this rate hike a top priority, and has repeatedly called on Congress to act. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, supports the Ryan budget, which would have let student loan interest rates double, costing 7.4 million students an average of $1,000 over the course of paying off their loan.

If we want more efforts to make college affordable and within reach for every student, it's clear who we need in the Oval Office next year. For people who care about college affordability, there's a clear distinction in this election, and it's one we need to talk to people about.

Because you were a leader in this fight, we need you on the front lines, talking to voters about keeping higher education affordable.

Take the next step—sign up to volunteer for the President today.


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