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It's embarrassing, and unacceptable

Last week, President Obama joined leaders from nearly every country in the world to work on a long-term, global agreement to tackle climate change.

This conference is incredibly important. It's our chance to show that nations across the globe are united in solving this problem—with commitments to cut carbon pollution from countries both big and small, industrial and agricultural, developed and developing.

But while the world is coming together to act, here in the U.S. more than 130 members of Congress still won't accept the basic science of climate change.

That's embarrassing, and it's unacceptable.

President Obama is committed to addressing this problem, leading on the international stage, and reaching an ambitious global agreement—but the deniers in Congress are trying everything they can to derail it. They've already taken some extreme steps.

Many have voted against the Clean Power Plan—America's commitment to cut our own carbon pollution. Some have even called foreign embassies to tell them they are being misled by the Obama administration.

The international climate talks in Paris are too important to be overshadowed by grandstanding from extreme voices. Join OFA in holding them accountable.

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