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Glendale Fall Fellow Challenges New Group of Fellows To Succeed

As an Organizing for America Fall Fellow, I not only learned valuable skills and organizing techniques, I became a part of a new family. I was lucky enough to work for something as special as getting the President re-elected, and it has had a permanent affect on me. Being a Fall Fellow is an amazing way to get involved in your community.


Through my work at OFA I have created an active volunteer team in the city of Glendale, my hometown. One of the best parts of the program is meeting new people who not only want and care about the same things as me, but they are my neighbors. It is a rewarding experience to get your own community active for such an important purpose. When first starting at OFA, I was overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility I was given, but everyone there wants you to succeed. After a few days of training I was out organizing my territory and taking ownership over my work.

The Fall Fellowship program is more than just a resume builder. Our team worked hard to put Arizona on the map as a battleground state for the next election. I am challenging the next batch of Fellow’s to be better than the group before them. This job is not for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged. You will work harder than you ever have before. Be ready for heartbreaks and triumphs, and keep the overall goal of 270 electoral votes in the back of your mind because when the race is down to the wire next year, and we win the state of Arizona for the President, it is going to be a breathtaking moment. I will be proud beyond words to say I had a hand in that victory. Apply to be a Spring Fellow today!

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