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Glen Allen, Virginia: President Obama “gets it”

Supporters stuck it out through a rainstorm to hear President Obama speak in Glen Allen, Virginia. As the President continued on to Clifton, a few audience members reacted to what they heard:

"When I compare Mitt Romney to President Obama, there is a stark contrast. It's so clear that President Obama has the backs of middle-class Americans. My family and so many other families in Glen Allen are seeing the benefits from things like the Affordable Care Act and middle class tax cuts."

"This is a once in a lifetime experience—to hear the President speak in your own community. This is a huge battleground county in the state, so it goes to show that he’s fighting hard to win this election. He's fighting hard for us."

"The economy is picking up slowly but surely. We're heading in the right direction with President Obama. We've got to re-elect President Obama to finish the job. Middle-class America can't wait, and we can't afford go with the alternative."

"President Obama is the only candidate who understands middle-class America. I'm going to fight to make sure he stays in office. I will volunteer, knock on doors, and make those calls. I have one thing to say to Virginia: 'Don't go on the hype—go on the facts.' President Obama gets it. Four more years."

"I think the proposed middle class tax cuts and ending the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy is only fair. I think we’ve all come to agree that people of means should pay their fair share—we should all pay our fair share. That’s what’s needed to rebuild the infrastructure in this country and rebuild the economy."

"As a retired Spanish teacher and someone on Medicare, I think that the President has done his best to implement policies that help me—from the Affordable Care Act to middle class tax cuts and education reform. It is all so important, and I know he has my best interests at heart."

Stay tuned for more from the President's trip through Virginia.

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