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Gilbert Fall Fellow Inspired By Change In Her Community

It drives me nuts when people complain about their community, but don’t do anything to change it. They gripe about the economy, the school systems, the wars and immigration laws. Then I ask them, “What have you done to improve these things?” They answer dumbstruck, “Nothing.” Others ask, “What can I do?”

You can be an Organizing for America Spring Fellow.

Change can start with one person. It did with me. I live in Gilbert, Arizona, one of the most conservative cities in the Southwest. I wanted to find more people like me who support President Obama. People who want to make change.

And I did. I built a strong neighborhood team as an Organizing for America Fall Fellow. I met people in my community who were also tired of feeling left out. “What? You mean there are other Democrats in Gilbert?” asked volunteer Emerald G., one of my best volunteers. She walks up to idle cars parked in front of grocery stores, and asks the driver to register to vote. She teaches her daughter the importance of voting, so that she can voice her opinion when she turns 18. She maintains an Organizing for America - East Valley Facebook page, so that other Gilbert volunteers can stay connected.


Arizona Fall Fellows and our volunteer teams registered hundreds of voters to re-elect the President in 2012. One person can make change. One person can build a team. That team can inspire others. Apathy may breed contempt, but energy is contagious. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Arizona needs you to be a Spring Fellow.

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