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Getting to Know the SO's: Kim Q

When Kim Q. found out that President Obama was going to call the Summer Organizers, she didn't believe it.

"I thought they were playing a trick on me," says Kim, a student at Wellesley College. "I didn't believe it until I heard the President say 'Hello Summer Organizers.” She was surprised that he took time out of his day to speak to the SO’s who are helping with the 2012 campaign. She and others across the country listened intently as the President discussed his days as an organizer. Kim says she will never forget how she felt when President Obama said he was proud of the work that she and others are doing for the summer.

DC NM 6.20

As an American living abroad in Switzerland during her high school years, she watched how the world's image of America transformed with the election of President Obama. She came back to America focused on a career in international diplomacy, hoping to one day represent her beloved country as an employee of the State Department. She is currently studying political science and Middle Eastern studies, while learning Arabic.

Her favorite things about being an organizer is connecting with so many different people, strengthening her interpersonal skills, and reading the best practices from organizers across the country who are experiencing the same things she is out in the field. Kim has a zest and zeal for life that is unmatched by many. Her energy, excitement, and passion for the work of the Obama administration is motivating and infectious.

Meet Kim and the other Summer Organizers TONIGHT at our June 30th phone bank as we make calls to supporters across the District. RSVP here and invite your friends, colleagues, and family!

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