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Getting The Message

On Saturday, November 12, in northeast Portland, more than 60 volunteers from all across the metropolitan area gathered at the home of neighborhood team member (and proud Lady in Blue!) Patricia B. for an inspiring and informative refresher on the President's accomplishments in his first few years in office, followed by a pot luck house party where everyone got to know each other.

David Simas, Director of Opinion Research, was conferenced in on the big screen from Chicago HQ, and gave a presentation covering everything from the Lily Ledbetter Act (which gave women the tools to fight unfair discrimination in the workplace), to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. He even covered the American Jobs Act, which will help get America's veterans and unemployed middle class back to the workplace.

The Ladies in Blue, longtime volunteers and supporters of the President who are helping to organize and energize women for the President's 2012 reelection campaign, hosted the event. They were thrilled by the success of the afternoon. "Our monthly educational meeting was opened up to other Obama supporters to take advantage of having David available to speak with us. It was amazing to see so many Oregonians of diverse ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds listening attentively," said Judith F., who was impressed by the great turnout. "We are all determined to use what we learned in speaking to our friends and neighbors, phone-banking, registering voters, and re-engaging past supporters."

Kathy G., another Lady In Blue, said she was "energized, educated and motivated" by David's presentation and by the response it got from longtime volunteers and first-timers alike: "I was inspired by the enthusiasm of our existing volunteers and by the newcomers' desire to become more involved in the campaign."

"David's presentation was clear and thorough and spot-on to the approach I need to take when answering questions from concerned people," said Linda R. "It was like organic fertilizer for the grassroots." She felt "refreshed," she said, adding "It was so helpful hearing David really connect with one of the participants in the Q&A over their shared experiences. It reminded me to always keep my ears open for people's personal stories. That's the best way to help them feel connected to the campaign!"
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