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Getting Started in Scott County

Last week, Jeff G. from Scott County, Minn attended his first organizing meeting to help re-elect President Obama. He met with fellow volunteers in Savage, Minnesota and laid out why he’s decided to get involved for this election and why he supports the President. He shared this story about his background and his experience so far with OFA-MN:

I was pleased to attend my first organizing meeting Wednesday night to help re-elect President Obama. I am a former military officer. I am an attorney. My wife and I have lived in many places throughout the US and even spent three years in the UK. Our family of four moved to Minnesota in 2004, and I worked to get the President elected in 2008. I want to help the President get re-elected because I think he is the best hope for moving our country forward.

Our group of organizers met in a fellow volunteer’s living room in Savage and began to get to know one another and plan some social events. The entire group participated and several members made helpful suggestions. It was great to know that there are more than a few that support the President here in Scott County and will step up to support his re-election.

In November, we’re going to "Talk Turkey" about the upcoming election. This will be a chance for like-minded progressives to gather together over coffee and snacks on the morning of Saturday the 12th at 10:00 a.m. When we have it nailed down, we’ll send word of the place to find us. As we begin to build our organization, I hope you can join us on the 12th. If nothing else, it will be a chance to share your thoughts with us and know you’re not alone in Scott County.

Interested in joining Jeff’s team in Scott County, or looking to get involved in your own neighborhood? Take a moment now to find an event near you or host your own!

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