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Getting Ready for Summer

Over the next few weeks we will be growing our Maryland teams for Obama in a big way. Over 80 summer organizing fellows will be joining us to grow the 2012 campaign in Maryland!

We’re busy preparing for their arrival—as current Maryland staff and volunteers, we will be trainers and mentors to the new fellows. Our job is to make sure the organizing fellows are prepared to meet their organizing goals and have a rewarding experience this summer! These will be the young women and men assigning and creating events, recruiting volunteers and working with teams to put our President Obama back in the White House.

The summer organizing fellows will spend 12 weeks building relationships and mobilizing teams of volunteers. Not only will the fellows experience what it’s like to work on a Presidential campaign—they’ll learn the importance of community involvement. Our organizing fellows will be out in Maryland neighborhoods every day, building teams and getting to know their community. The team of budding fellows will also hold onto something that our president has shown many of us—a sense of strength and understanding of others.

There’s really nothing more rewarding than being a part of something much larger than yourself.
Keep up with the impact our Maryland Summer Fellows are making on the Metro area here on the blog, or step up today and be a star volunteer yourself!

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