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Getting ready for 100 days out

On Sunday, we’ll be 100 days out from Election Day. This weekend, volunteers across the country will be taking part in the It Takes One weekend of action—the campaign's largest national weekend of action to date.

Team Lansing members are busy preparing and recruiting volunteers for Saturday and Sunday. As well as registering voters, this will be a good rehearsal for this fall's GOTV (Get Out the Vote) operation. It’s also a chance to identify and lock down staging locations across the city.

Edwina, Team Lansing's co-leader, explains:

“Staging locations will be where our volunteers report on Election Day. We’ll have plenty of materials on hand for canvassing our community, from clipboards and walk packets to water bottles to keep volunteers hydrated. Team Lansing members will be ready to greet the people who come to help us out.”

No two staging locations are alike, ranging from living rooms and small businesses to driveways. In 2008, Team Lansing based many of its canvassing events out of a parking lot in South Lansing.

Neighborhood Team Leader James chimes in:

“Choosing locations that are highly visible is important. People can’t always get to the main field office—particularly if they don’t have a car—and our location in a shopping plaza parking lot made it easy for people to find us, register to vote and come back on Election Day for their canvass assignments.”

The team is hoping that staging locations they lock down for this coming weekend will be available for their GOTV operation later this year. Figuring out which locations will be successful and which might not be effective is one of the many reasons why this weekend will be an important test for planning—as well as recruiting new volunteer leaders in the process.

Get ready for the fall—find an event near you this weekend.

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