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Getting out the vote: The women of Southfield

At the Southfield field office, women are taking charge and getting the job done. Carolyn, a field organizer, says most of their volunteers are women, but men do their part, too: making phone calls, knocking on doors and more.

“Two of our ladies recruited their husbands to take out the trash and vacuum here, and they’re happy to do that as their contribution. We all know what’s at stake and why we’re here — and we have a good time doing it.”

The youngest woman in the office is 22-year-old Jasmin. She’s working full-time and studying for her master’s degree, but she’s still found time to serve as an organizing fellow. She’s been involved since August, and one of her projects was setting up a voter registration drive at barber shops and beauty salons.

Now Jasmin is spending every spare hour she has working at the office and helping to get out the vote for President Obama.

“I love being so involved with the campaign, because I know how important this election is for our future.”

Mother-daughter duo Djuna and Carolyn are getting out the vote together.

"I want to see President Obama stay in the White House to finish the job he started. He's one of the most excellent and caring politicians we've ever had. I wanted to help."

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s still time to join the fun and volunteer for Barack Obama between now and Election Day.


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