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Getting Off the Bench

Working as a Summer Organizer for the Obama campaign was my first taste of what it was like to work on a campaign. After years of being a habitual bench player, I stood up and ran onto the field. You see, it’s easy to criticize the political system or to stand on the sidelines. It’s another thing entirely to stand up for what you believe in, to put in the time to make a positive difference in your community.


I spent nine weeks making calls, speaking to fellow progressives and Democrats face-to-face, writing blogs, and teaching my neighbors how to reach out to each other. I learned more than I ever expected, found the confidence to reach out and ask for help, and worked arm-in-arm with an absolutely amazing group of organizers.

It was tough. It was stressful at times. Not everyone shares your views. That’s all right, though. Getting through the tough times makes the good times better. I’m confident in saying that the work I’ve done for the campaign has transformed my life and has made me a better citizen–of my city, my state, and my country. I started my first day with a room full of strangers and ended with a group of lifelong friends.


However, just because the Summer Organizer Program is over doesn’t mean your window of opportunity has closed. The Obama campaign is looking for the next generation of organizers with Fall Fellows Program this autumn. Don’t hesitate to apply; the application deadline is tonight at midnight.

Join us today and hopefully we can work together to build a better future.

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