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Getting Closer to Charlotte

Largest Crenshaw

With less than a week until the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Charlotte, Daphne Bradford and her recently-graduated students from Crenshaw High are ramping up their efforts to re-elect President Obama. Along with Latinos for Obama, Team Crenshaw organized a block party in their neighborhood, where members of the community gathered to share their reasons for supporting the President.

For Team Crenshaw, the journey doesn’t end in Charlotte. Holding phone banks each week, Daphne, Mia, and Trestan are planning to keep up the effort until November 6th, in order to ensure that California continues to have an impact in this election. Don’t miss out on the action as Crenshaw High arrives at the Convention. Read more about Team Crenshaw, and follow them on Twitter at #Crenshaw2DNC.

Across the country, young people are stepping up and making their voices heard. Check out what young Americans are doing in your neighborhood, and find out how you can be a part of the massive grassroots campaign that is working to re-elect President Obama.

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