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Want to see your name on

This might be my favorite thing on the internet right now. We call it our Donor Wall—a place on where we officially honor every single person who chips in from now until our critical fundraising deadline tomorrow.

I love this not just because I get to see my name on the site—sure, that's cool. I love this because there's nothing better than seeing the sheer number of people who believe in this work enough to invest in it.

The other side may have millions to spend to try to derail progress, but right here on this site, you can see just how many people are fighting back with the good guys. And we're proud of the fact that OFA's average donation is only $59—now that's grassroots.

Add your name to the list of people who stepped up this week to own a piece of this grassroots movement. Chip in before our critical December 31st deadline.

Chip in
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