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The real Romney-Ryan plan for Michigan

In his speech accepting the Republican nomination for President, Mitt Romney didn’t once mention any proposals for moving Michigan forward - most importantly the budget plan he and Paul Ryan endorse.

You can get the facts out for him on what the budget would mean for his home state:

1. 4.5 million middle-class Michigan families would be at risk for an average tax increase of $2,000/year.

2. Education funding in Michigan would be cut by 20%. This would eliminate $175 million in Michigan K-12 and special education funding, and reduce Pell Grant scholarships by $820 for 337,000 Michigan students.

3. Almost 20% would be cut from the Environmental Protection Agency that protects the Great Lakes - and supports 250,000 Michigan jobs.

4. The 1.7 million Michigan seniors that currently rely on Medicare would see their costs increase by up to $6,400.

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