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Get Started with Grassroots Fundraising

If getting started with your grassroots fundraising page seems a little daunting, here are a few handy tips to show you just how easy it is:

How to set up your page:

  • Share what inspires you to support President Obama. The same reasons could motivate your friends and family to pitch in too.

  • Personalize your page with a photo of yourself and a memorable title to make it stand out.

How to ask your friends and family to donate:

  • Tailor your sales pitch: ask your mom and dad to give $10 or whatever they can, or suggest your caffeine-loving sister switch to home-brewed coffee for a day to save a couple of dollars for the campaign.

  • Be sure to thank everyone who donates. An email or handwritten card shows how much you value their donation.

How to promote your page:

  • Take a few minutes to make a list of everyone you know who supports President Obama—then send an email asking them to donate to your page.

  • Spread your message far and wide. Add your reasons for supporting the President to your Facebook profile and tweet the link to your fundraising page to your Twitter followers.

How to stick with it:

  • Write down fundraising goals for yourself and put them on your fridge or desk. Goals like emailing 10 people per day will keep you motivated.

  • Keep track of every time you ask someone to donate. Don’t be afraid to follow up with people who say that they will donate but haven’t yet—they’ll probably be grateful for the reminder.

Grassroots fundraising is a great way to support the campaign right from your own computer. Make sure to set up your own page and share your top tips for getting contributions to your page in the comments below.

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